Name Description Last Modified Downloads Download
Name Description Last Modified Downloads Download
"The EHV focuses on the public use of the text." 10 reasons the EHV is suited to a public worship setting. 27-07-2020 96 downloads Download
The Christmas Story from Five Translations
Luke 2 comparison from KJV, ESV, CSB, NIV, and EHV. 15-11-2019 768 downloads Download
A collection of four articles about the EHV. 13-05-2019 1398 downloads Download
Permissions and copyright info. 28-03-2019 369 downloads Download

Preview three OT books of the EHV study Bible.

13-08-2018 1067 downloads Download
Side-by-side comparison with differences highlighted. 16-04-2018 490 downloads Download
Comparison of KJV, ESV, EHV, CSB, NIV. 15-03-2018 5843 downloads Download
KJV, ESV, EHV, CSB, NIV 13-03-2018 651 downloads Download

A lengthy summary of the guiding principles of our translation.

13-03-2018 1223 downloads Download
The EHV hopes to preserve the best from the long heritage that has gone before us. 28-10-2017 673 downloads Download

This is the introduction printed in the first edition of the NT and Psalms.

22-09-2017 637 downloads Download

Examples of how the EHV is set apart from other translations.

29-08-2017 1465 downloads Download

Similarities and differences between Luther's practices and ours.

01-06-2017 743 downloads Download

Article on the name of our translation

19-08-2016 619 downloads Download

How the Wartburg Project uses Luther's translation principles.

22-10-2015 2208 downloads Download